8 Week Swim Plan

Download our 8 week swim plan, the plan is a total of 24 sessions over the 8 weeks. each session lasting 1 hour. these sessions will help you progressively develop strength and stamina over the 8 week period.     Project Coaching 8 Week Swim Plan     Term Meaning’s Fc         Front Crawl / Freestyle Bk          Back […]

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Swim Thoughts

I read a thread recently about what people think about and focus on when  they are swimming cycling or  running. People wrote some interesting comments where they get in the zone and sort of psyche themselves up, and there was others who focused on technique and good form.   Well this is where I must […]

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Speed set time

Warm up 1000m Skips ( 200m swim, 200m kick, 200m IM, 200m Pull, 200m swim)  Main set 4 x 100m (10 seconds rest) @ 75 steady/ 25 fast 50 steady/ 50 fast 25 steady/ 75 fast 100m fast Repeat x 4.  Swim down 2 x 200 @ 150 choice swim, 50 skull 4 x 25m […]

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Bread and Butter

As far as the title may go I’m not going to talk about food, well not yet anyway. Your bread and butter sessions are something that you should always include within your training no matter what your fitness level. These types of sessions will help increase your fitness/stamina.   Threshold Swim Session –  This will […]

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Increasing your power 

Using paddles in your session is a great way to build swim specific power to your stroke.  Warm up 6 x 75m @ 25FC swim, 25Bk swim, 25m kick (10 rest) 4 x 25m as half length skull half length swim (Skulling front, mid, rear, doggy paddle)  4 x 50m swim golf. ( Fastest possible […]

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Quick set monday

Down and outs Warm up 300 swim, 200 pull, 100 kick 4 x 125m on 3mins @ (50kick, 75 build) Main set 2 x 200m on 4:15 @ (150 fast, 50 easy) 100 kick with 30 seconds rest 2 x 150m on 3:15 @ (100 fast, 50 easy) 100 kick with 30 rest 2 x […]

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