What is FTP?

If you’ve been in triathlon for any length of time, you’ve probably heard a lot about functional threshold power (FTP) and testing. Perhaps you’ve wondered if it’s something that should matter to you, and if so, why. Here we’ll seek to clear up the reasons behind testing, and tell you how to utilize it properly. […]

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Bike Intervals for Power and Endurance

The goal of this workout is to increase muscular endurance by coupling long, high-intensity intervals with short rest periods. The idea is to help athletes build a tolerance to higher intensities as their season progresses. By incorporating these types of workouts into a training schedule book-ended by rest, athletes will increase both power and endurance. […]

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Sub 1 hour bike session

Want to blast the 40km bike leg? Then follow this essential set for improving your surges in speed, passing power and lactate threshold.   It’s a tough session, but doesn’t take a long time to recover from because, although intense, it’s relatively short. Equipment needed: ideally a tri bike, but this can be done on […]

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Building Your Bike Power

After planning your season and setting up your A race the next step is to create a training plan. This should include knowing the course and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, cyclists should know if the course is hilly or flat, does it typically end in a sprint or do breakaways succeed? Similarly, […]

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Bike leg speed

This session helps develop leg speed and promote recovery, and helps to create more power by increasing leg speed. This session is laying the foundations for a killer sprint. It will also challenges your core-stability. Choose an easy gear, small chain ring for the whole of the session Engage your core and resist bobbing in the […]

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Pyramid Intervals

This set is a good one for the turbo.  Warm up 10 mins gradually increasing resistance.  Main set 1 minutes Threshold Effort 1 minutes Active Recovery 2 minutes Threshold Effort 2 minutes Active Recovery 3 minutes Threshold Effort 3 minutes Active Recovery 4 minutes Threshold Effort 4 minutes Active Recovery 5 minutes Threshold Effort 4 […]

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1 Minute Intervals

set for on the turbo or for on a nice flat stretch of road, Cadence 95rpm+ with a focussed drive up to speed for the opening 20 seconds of the interval with enough resistance to generate maximum power. Recover at 90rpm and a low resistance. this set will help develop your top end power. The longer recoveries […]

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