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8 Week Swim Plan

Download our 8 week swim plan, the plan is a total of 24 sessions over the 8 weeks. each session lasting 1 hour. these sessions will help you progressively develop strength and stamina over the 8 week period.     Project Coaching 8 Week Swim Plan     Term Meaning’s Fc         Front Crawl / Freestyle Bk          Back […]

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Swim Thoughts

I read a thread recently about what people think about and focus on when  they are swimming cycling or  running. People wrote some interesting comments where they get in the zone and sort of psyche themselves up, and there was others who focused on technique and good form.   Well this is where I must […]

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Three important run workouts

I have found that three basic sessions hold the hierarchy: the long run, the transition run and the fartlek/speed run. The Long Run This session makes up the basic foundation of any Ironman/long-course run program, but its importance does not fall by the wayside as the race distance decreases. Long runs build stamina and durability […]

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What is FTP?

If you’ve been in triathlon for any length of time, you’ve probably heard a lot about functional threshold power (FTP) and testing. Perhaps you’ve wondered if it’s something that should matter to you, and if so, why. Here we’ll seek to clear up the reasons behind testing, and tell you how to utilize it properly. […]

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Bike Intervals for Power and Endurance

The goal of this workout is to increase muscular endurance by coupling long, high-intensity intervals with short rest periods. The idea is to help athletes build a tolerance to higher intensities as their season progresses. By incorporating these types of workouts into a training schedule book-ended by rest, athletes will increase both power and endurance. […]

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