Swim Thoughts

I read a thread recently about what people think about and focus on when  they are swimming cycling or  running. People wrote some interesting comments where they get in the zone and sort of psyche themselves up, and there was others who focused on technique and good form.  

Well this is where I must be completely different from those normal people? Or is it just those thoughts that people think are common practice? 

So whilst swimming last night a few thoughts:
“Why are the lane lines black?”

“This water is colder today than it was on Tuesday, they definitely filled this with water from the arctic! THIS IS WATER FOR A POLAR BEAR!”

“I love warm water coming out the jets”

“I think I need to pee”

“Should I splash this person who is not getting their hair wet? It might be funny.. it will be funny.. let’s do butterfly past so it’s not obvious”

“I could really eat a burger right now”

“That burp tasted like garlic”

“375m’s who even swims that, coach make it even numbers please” 

“Will the weather be nice tomorrow”

“How am I so thirsty if I’m surrounded by water?”

“I hope the person in front of me didn’t let one out with all those bubbles 🤔”

“It’s too cold to get out the water” 

“What if there was a shark in the pool… I’m so thankful there is not a shark in the pool!”

Is it just me? 🤔 


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