Bodyweight Strength Session

What if i told you, that you can improve your running whilst watching tv…. Unfortunately there is no magic so you do need to move away from the couch. But it wont take up much of your time. Strength training is good for runners. But strength training takes time, and most runners feel they barely […]

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Body Boosting Non Run sessions

Mix up your training with this selection of non-run sessions to improve fitness, strength and range of motion.   1. Resistance training Have a coach set you a short session to do once or twice a week to build functional strength for running. All you’ll need is your own body weight and perhaps a couple of dumbbells and with simple […]

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30 minute strength builder

When you watch an Olympic freestyle swimmer knocking out a sub-15-minute for 1500m, you can only admire how easy they make it look – as if they are swimming in slow motion. Apart from the many hours spent in the pool, these guys and girls are spending a lot of time in the gym building […]

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