8 Week Swim Plan

Download our 8 week swim plan, the plan is a total of 24 sessions over the 8 weeks. each session lasting 1 hour.
these sessions will help you progressively develop strength and stamina over the 8 week period.



Project Coaching 8 Week Swim Plan



Term Meaning’s

Fc         Front Crawl / Freestyle

Bk          Back Crawl / Backstroke

Brst        Breaststroke

Fly          Buttery

Ch          Your choice of stroke (mix and match)

IM           Individual Medley Swim (in the order: Fly/Bk/Brst/Fc)

No. 1      Your preferred stroke of choice

Kick         Kick of stroke only (with or without a kickboard)

SC           Stroke count (The number of single strokes taken per length)

u/w          Swim underwater (Breaststroke or streamlined Fc kick) You may need to surface several times to make the distance stated

20 sec     Rest interval between each repetition (i.e take 20 seconds after each swim)

A1           Base aerobic work (light/moderate exertion)

A2           Aerobic work (moderate /uncomfortable exertion)

T             Threshold (cardiovascular development) (uncomfortable /hard exertion)

VO2         Maximal oxygen uptake (hard /very hard exertion)

LaProd     Lactate production (extremely hard exertion)

LaTol        Lactate tolerance (maximum effort exertion)

Sp/Pwr     Speed and Power development (hard exertion)

Desc         Descend (Each swim is faster than the previous)

Build         Gradually build the exertion level throughout the swim to the specified Intensity


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