Three important run workouts

I have found that three basic sessions hold the hierarchy: the long run, the transition run and the fartlek/speed run. The Long Run This session makes up the basic foundation of any Ironman/long-course run program, but its importance does not fall by the wayside as the race distance decreases. Long runs build stamina and durability […]

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Ignore speedwork at your peril

Ignore speedwork at your peril.By mixing up your run pace, your overall run performance will come on in leaps and bounds…   For some triathletes, the word ‘speed’ invokes a similar reaction as to when you hear your granny swear – it’s something that makes you wince, so you do your best to block it […]

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Body Boosting Non Run sessions

Mix up your training with this selection of non-run sessions to improve fitness, strength and range of motion.   1. Resistance training Have a coach set you a short session to do once or twice a week to build functional strength for running. All you’ll need is your own body weight and perhaps a couple of dumbbells and with simple […]

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Building Your Pace

Here is a set i enjoy whilst on the track, but you can do this off the track as it gets your legs firing and works on your pacing. W-up. 1500m @ below. 15 seconds @ pace, 15 seconds easy. 30 seconds @ pace, 30 seconds easy. 45 seconds @ pace, 45 seconds easy. 30 […]

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