Facebook Messenger Bot

We have a Facebook messenger bot. You can keep up to date with our blog by using our chatbot on Facebook messenger. Subscribe for all the fresh content and training tips.   Just scan the code in the Facebook messenger app to use our chatbot. Or click on the link here.  enjoy and leave feedback for […]

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Turbo Training Over the Winter

Winter is the time of year when you’re most likely to wind up in the garage with your woolly hat on avoiding the ice and cursing the British weather. Here’s some top tips to make sure you enjoy your time on the turbo and emerge in the spring a faster stronger athlete.   Do’s:- Do […]

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Build A foundation for running Fast.

Running strong, building your foundation to run faster The top training priority of every runner should be to establish a solid foundation for future development as a runner. How is this done? The physiological foundation for running performance has two components: aerobic fitness and neuromuscular fitness. You know what aerobic fitness is: the ability to generate […]

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Eat For Fuel

5 Vitamins you need to have in your diet as an endurance athlete If your body is not getting sufficient nutrients it needs you will feel it in your training. These five vitamins below are the ones i feel are most important to have in your diet daily. To help keep you training and racing at […]

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High Intensity Workouts are essential!

High Intensity Sessions A lot of triathletes like to focus on volume rather than intensity. But high-intensity workouts are essential to continuing the progress that mass-volume begins. For a group perceived to be one of the hardest-working of all endurance athletes, it’s surprising how resistant some triathletes are to high-intensity training. Triathletes will ride, run or swim all […]

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