All aboard the fly train..

Who doesn’t enjoy some butterfly now and again? Here is a set that will leave you feeling good and possibly a little sore in the morning. 

Warm up

500m Skips. ( 100m swim, 100 kick, 100IM, 100 pull, 100 swim) 
Main set

20 x 25m Fly on 30’s 

1) 2 left arm, 2 right arm, 2 both arms.

2&3) Triple Kick Fly

4) Fast fly swim


75m fast fly from dive

75m fly @ 25 kick on side, 25 kick on other side, 25 kick on back. 

Repeat 150m above x 4. 

200m @ 50back with fists, 50 free fists, 50 back swim, 50free swim 

Repeat x 4. 
200 easy swim down. 
Enjoy šŸ˜€


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