Changes you can make today….

… Which will have a positive impact on your training!

1. Get More Sleep

Most people do not get enough sleep anyway. As an athlete you need sleep to promote a full recovery process. As you increase your training load (volume &/or intensity) you need to balance this with extra recovery time.

2. Hydrate

It is easy to dehydrate.  The expiration of waste products from breathing includes sweating and water vapor (notice that cloud you breathe out on a cold day!!).

Full recovery from training cannot take place unless you are well hydrated. This means you should be taking in fluid before, during and after training sessions.

3. Stretch

After training – you should always stretch the working muscles to realign them and help to promote recovery.

Between sessions – 2-3 times per week you should stretch for 15-30 minutes. Emphasise muscles such as hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes, calves, adductors (inner thigh). Hold stretches for at least 30s. As tightness here can not only restrict efficient movement it can also lead to lower back pain!!  You should also consider investing in a foam roller

4. Be Realistic with YOUR Training Goals

There is an optimum volume of training that you can recover from each week. Every athlete is different.  We do not all have the luxury of being able to train and recover like professional athletes. The volume of training you can cope with will vary depending upon the other stresses you have in your life. Remember its about Sustainable, Consistent and Balanced training.

5. Take some time off

Triathlon is an intense sport.  It is important every now and again to take a weekend off, Remember the big picture.  Have a Triathlon Free Weekend.  Give the brain a rest, re-charge, have some time doing things an athlete shouldn’t, spend time with the family, and come back motivated, refreshed and energised.

6. Optimise Your Nutrition
Your body is a high performance engine – well a good 2 litre turbo charged… It will only run efficiently on high performance fuel. Do you fuel on “Super Unleaded” or just plain “Unleaded?” You also need to fuel at the right times.

Take a good look at your eating habits and you’ll be surprised at how many simple changes you could make.



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